Seller Policy

Last updated 4th July-2022

From time to time, a seller shall agree to comply with our conditions relating to the sale of products or services on the site. A registered seller is allowed to list items for sale and shall agree to comply with following listing and selling practices.

i.    When listing an item for sale on our platform, a seller shall list all items in an appropriate category on the platform. We reserve the right to delete multiple listings of the same product in various categories;

ii.    Sellers must meet products performance standards according to its description. You shall not exaggerate or over emphasize the attributes of such products or services so as to mislead other users in any manner. You shall undertake that all such information including but not limited to availability of stock, price inclusive of VAT, payment conditions & methods, warranties (if any) related to products and services and after sales services(if any) related to products and services shall be as accurate as possible. The description of the listed products may only include text descriptions, graphics and images. If you fail to meet the products performance standards, we may limit, restrict, suspend, or downgrade your seller account. You also agree to refund any amounts that you may have received from the buyer if it matches with our Return & Refund policy;

iii.    You will not sell any product that is recalled by a manufacturer or governmental agency or the product poses a health or safety hazard. Unikart has no liability for the safety or performance of any product that you list or sell using our services;

iv.    You assume full responsibility for your offered items and ensure that the listed items are legal and do not infringe upon the intellectual property, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy rights of third parties;