Body Butter

Organikare Turmeric Body Butter 70g
300 ৳ 246 ৳
App price: ৳234

Organikare Turmeric Body Butter 70g

1,650 ৳ 1,485 ৳
App price: ৳1411


The Body Shop Almond Body Butter
2,390 ৳ 2,031 ৳
App price: ৳1929

The Body Shop Almond Body Butter

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter
2,390 ৳ 2,031 ৳
App price: ৳1929

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter

Buy Body Butter Online in Bangladesh

Body butter can give life to dry and husky skin. Do you want to have beautiful skin like the models? Then buy body butter online in Bangladesh from UniKart

We present you with the best body butter shop in Bangladesh for the perfect glow on your skin. Add the premium body butter and enjoy the buttery softness. 

We brought body butter made for every body type. Explore a wide range of body butter to pick the best one.

What is Body Butter?

Boddy butter is a mixture of fatty acids and vitamins to keep your skin nourished. Body butter ingredients can fix dry skin unbelievably. That's why UniKart delivers many options to buy body butter online in Bangladesh.

The lotion is made of chemically enhanced elements. But manufactured process body butter from shea butter, coconut oil, and/or other vegetable-based oils. These organic oils will increase your immune system.

Why Do You Need Body Butter?

Body butter ingredients give extra nourishment. Let’s see other amazing reasons that UniKart recommends you purchase it.

  • Body butter provides well hydration

  • It can retain moisturization for a long time

  • The product results in Healthy and smooth skin.

  • It provides a revitalizing effect

  • You can treat subtle dry areas

  • Works as both hand and foot cream

How to use Body Butter for the Best Outcome

Do you know how to put body butter to the best use? Simply follow these points.

  • Lock-in The Moisture: Purchase body butter to apply immediately after showering. Do not bathe with extremely hot water.

  • Treat Certain Areas: This excellent product can be applied subtly on complicated areas like knees, elbows, and ankles.

  • Overnight Use: Body buttercreams can do magic during sleep, so rub it on your skin before going to sleep.

  • Makeup Remover: Use body butter as a highly effective makeup remover without harming your skin like chemicals.

How to Choose the Right Body Butter?

UniKart combined different types of body butter, including turmeric, vanilla, green tea, and olive. You need to buy the exact one by reading the descriptions. Match the following things before making your purchase. 

  • User’s Skin Type

  • Product Ingredients

  • Additional features

  • SPF Ratings

Buy body Butter online in Bangladesh from UniKart and check out the most universally renowned body butter.


Can I apply body butter daily?

The use of body butter depends on the type of your skin. Apply the body butter daily if you have extremely dry skin. Otherwise, apply it on a weekly basis. 

Can I fix stretch marks using body butter?

Your stretch marks come from dehydration. Luckily body butter ingredients have the power to retain moisture which will fix the stretch marks with vitamins and fatty acids.