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Unikart brings you the best collection of feminine care products that ensure your utmost comfort and make you spend less than usual. You get the best of everything from tampons and sanitary pads to menstrual cups and intimate washes.

Sanitary Pads: Sleep Comfortably and Wake Up Relaxed

Our sanitary pads provide the best answer to all of your menstruation needs. They offer all-day protection, ensuring your best comfort. The soft, absorbent fabrics allow you to sit comfortably without looking bulky.

These are ideal for everyday use, making you feel light regardless of the flow. The best part is these don't have harsh chemicals, making them best for your delicate skin.

Tampons: Say Goodbye to the Uncomfortable Experience.

You get the utmost comfort and protection when your tampons are from Unikart. These are made with a soft material and flexible design, making them perfect for all-day comfortable wear. The portable size also helps you to carry them to places so you can avoid any kind of uncertain accidents.

Pantyliners: Elevate Your Everyday Activities 

Welcome protection and all-day freshness with the pantyliners from Unikart. They are discreetly protected against light discharge, spotting, and day-to-day odor. The soft and flexible design allows them to fit easily inside your underwear. They are ideal for daily use and portability due to their slender and compact design.

Menstrual Cup: Embrace a Comfortable Menstruation

High-grade, medical-grade silicone – all you get in the menstruation cups from Unikart. They are risk-free, non-toxic, and kind to your skin. Their flexible and comfy design allows them to fit within your body easily while offering leak-free protection. Besides, they are reusable and eco-friendly, which saves you from paying the Pink tax again and again.

Intimate Washes: Get the freshest and Most Confident Feeling

Intimate Washes from Unikart bring you the utmost in freshness and relaxation. They're made with nutritious ingredients that gently wash and refresh without irritating or drying up your delicate skin. You can use them every day without causing any irritation. The portable design will allow you to carry it to your honeymoon destination, no matter how far it is.

Shaving & Hair Removal: Enjoy a Feather Like Soft Skin

Our shaving and hair removal products will make your skin velvety smooth. The selection of creams, gels, and razors in Unikart offers a close, comfortable shave without leaving cuts, nicks, or razor burn – just the best for all skin types.  Now, you no longer have to deal with waxing or tweezing; instead, you can get amazing hair removal products from Unikart.

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