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Livon Hair Serum 20ml

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Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine with the Best Hair Care Items

Taking care of your hair is equally important as your skin. You’ll notice your skin is gradually losing its charm if you stop taking care of it. The same goes for your hair. You will start facing different hair-related issues when you ignore hair care. So you must have a hair care routine.

Does it require a lot of money? Well, it may, but not with Unikart.

At Unikart, you will get every necessary hair care item to win a very affordable price. But the price range doesn’t make them compromise with their products; they provide the best quality to keep your hair happy.

Get the Entire Hair Care Products at Unikart.

You need regular cleansing, conditioning, and oiling to stay healthy. But if you are going out regularly, this won’t be enough. You will need to add more products to protect your hair from sun damage, dryness, and other hair problems.

Unikart brings you both kinds of solutions to take care of your hair. With our great quality products, you can start basic care and reach extensive care.

Let’s explore the hair care range from Unikart to keep your hair healthy.

Hair coat: Protect your hair from sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can damage your hair a lot. So, when you are going out in the sun, your hair needs sunscreen like your skin. It will keep the sun damage away, keeping your hair healthy.

Use a haircoat before you go out. The coat will protect the hair from the sun and keep it healthy and nourished. You won’t have to look for it a lot because you will get the best quality hair coat from Unikart within your budget.

Hair pack: Perfect hair spa at home

Taking care of your hair requires a regular visit to the spa. But it is quite tough to pay a regular visit if you have a busy schedule.

But what about your hair, then? Will you let them suffer?

Absolutely not; Unikart has the best quality hair packs you can work with at home. Its deep conditioning formula will leave a nourished scalp and healthy edges. Even if your hair is colored, you don’t have to worry. These hair packs will work magic for all kinds of hair. The results are so great that you may never wish to visit the salon anymore.

Shampoo: Cleanse and repair your hair every day

We all know shampoos need to keep our hair clean. The ingredient list will ensure which benefits you will get from your shampoo. Biotin in your shampoo ensures hair growth; tea tree oil is best to eliminate dry scalp and dandruff.

You will need shampoos according to your hair needs. However, finding the perfect one is challenging. At Unikart, you will get the perfect shampoo for your hair type that fulfills your hair needs. You just need to choose it properly, and it will be at your doorstep within a few days.

Conditioner: Nourish your hair to keep the damage away

A conditioner is equally important as shampoo. When you wash your hair with shampoo, you wash away a good amount of moisture. It can make your hair rough after drying. A conditioner will lock that moisture in your hair. Thus, it will look bouncy and soft after drying.

When you wash your hair, ensure you are conditioning it afterward and leaving it for at least 5 minutes. It helps your hair to absorb moisture. But make sure you aren’t using them on your scalp; otherwise, it can increase hair fall.

You will find many good options for conditioners right here in Unikart. This huge collection allows you to choose the most suitable one for your hair.

Hair Oil: Make your hair strong from root to tip

Hair oil for your hair is like water for plants. Your hair gets the essential nourishment from your scalp, and your scalp gets it from proper oiling. If you keep washing your hair regularly without oiling, no conditioner can save it from drying or more hair loss.

The ideal method of using oil is to apply it at least 2 hours before your shower. It allows the scalp to absorb the oil well. You can heat it a bit so it absorbs better. It’ll be best to use oils with any prominent ingredient to solve hair-related issues. Luckily, Unikart brings you different hair oils that will serve as a treatment for your hair.

Hair Cream & Masks: Add more shine and volume to your hair

Hair creams are a bit thicker than your regular oil as they provide more moisture. If your hair is extremely dry, you must have a hair cream in your hair care routine. On the other hand, hair masks are quite similar to hair packs, but the key ingredients make these different from each other.

Both of these will have you back when your hair is about to lose its life. It allows your scalp to balance the pH level. Also, these add extra shine and volume, making it strong in the root. Hair creams and masks at Unikart provide these to your hair and deeply moisturize it to save it from further damage.

Hair Serum: Protect your hair and scalp from dryness

Oil-based products take quite a lot of time to absorb in the skin. But sometimes, the oil may not even suit your scalp, resulting in the opposite of what you want. In such cases, hair serums are the saviors. These don’t only absorb better; they can solve any specific hair-related problem.

Here at Unikart, you will find the perfect hair serum that can reduce hair loss and dryness or even grow new hair. You need to choose the perfect one by looking at the ingredient list and easily solve all your hair-related problems.

Rebonding Kit: Repair your damaged hair and make it softer

Rebonding makes your hair look straight and leaves a pretty sheen on your hair. This requires going through quite a lot of chemicals and heat. If you can’t complete the process properly, it can damage your hair instead.

But the ultimate rebonding kits at Unikart ensure that you get perfectly straight hair without damaging it. In fact, the kits include permanent conditioning that doesn’t let the edges get dry or tangled. Besides, every strand of your hair starts looking healthier and glossy.

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So why are you still waiting? Grab these incredible deals on your favorite hair care items and let your hair show its shine.