Hair Care Products

330 ৳ 297 ৳
App price: ৳282


220 ৳ 200 ৳
App price: ৳190


YC Silky Hair Coat Aloe Vera Extract
220 ৳ 176 ৳
App price: ৳167

YC Silky Hair Coat Aloe Vera Extract

220 ৳ 176 ৳
App price: ৳167


165 ৳
App price: ৳157


145 ৳
App price: ৳138

Parachute Coconut Oil 200ml

Nihar Naturals Hair Oil Shanti Amla 290ml
210 ৳ 178 ৳
App price: ৳169

Nihar Naturals Hair Oil Shanti Amla 290ml

125 ৳
App price: ৳119

Livon Hair Serum 20ml

Parachute Naturale Shampoo Damage Repair 170ml
200 ৳ 172 ৳
App price: ৳163

Parachute Naturale Shampoo Damage Repair 170ml

Parachute Naturale Shampoo Damage Repair 340ml
340 ৳ 275 ৳
App price: ৳261

Parachute Naturale Shampoo Damage Repair 340ml

Hair Care Products in Bangladesh at Best Price

Hair care is a must. Heat and pollution ruin the charm of your hair. So, your hair needs as much attention as your skin. Find authentic hair care items from world-known brands here at Unikart.

We have a wide range of hair care products available for all types of hair. Whether you need an anti-dandruff shampoo, conditioner for smooth hair, hair oil to nourish your scalp, or hair care accessories—we have it all. Get perfect hair for any occasion.

Buy Best Hair Care Products In Bangladesh—For Daily care or Occasion

Worried about your daily hair care treatment? We have a wide selection of hair care items for your daily must hair care activities.

Or, need to get ready or style up your hair for a special occasion? We’ve products for that too. Whether casual or formal, set up any look with our best hair styling products.

Best Hair Care Products For Your Daily Routine

For perfect hair, you must put in regular effort. Here at Unikart, you’ll get everything necessary in one place, ranging from your daily bathing shampoo and hair massage oil to conditioner or even styling gel for men. Check out our daily hair care collection and order the ones you need.

Let’s get an overview of our hair care products:

Hair Coat

We do many kinds of stuff to stop our hair from damaging. You might be using hair coat already. But are you using the good ones? We ensure you get the genuine hair coating to truly stop your hair from damaging this time. Prevent damage from heat and pollution by using authentic hair coating from us.

Hair Pack

Who doesn’t want shinier and softer hair? Add moisture to your hair, so it looks, and ditch the dull looks with our big selection of hair packs. Buy hair packs made from natural ingredients from us.


Washing your hair is essential. You want your hair washed properly, and Unikart is here to save you with all your favorite shampoos from trusted brands. Find your suited one and order from us online.


Conditioners make your hair easier to manage. Keep your hair in place and get the perfect look for the entire day using the original conditioner from Unikart. We’ve got a huge collection of conditioners from different well-known brands. You’ll find your favorite conditioner from us too.

Hair Oil

Apart from daily use, you must put oil before shampooing. It helps repair hair damage and grow new hair. Unikart has a wide collection of best-quality hair oil from reputed brands. So you can nourish your hair daily and get the smoothest hair every day!

Hair Cream & Masks

Need more than just smooth hair? Improve your hair care routine using authentic hair creams and masks. Get silky and soft smooth hair. We offer an extensive selection of hair creams and masks at a lower price.

Hair Serum

The best look of your hair is the natural look. Make the natural shine and moisture of your hair everlasting using hair serum. We have a popular collection of hair serums from various international brands. Get hair good quality hair serum from us.

Rebonding Kit

Aiming for complete home care for your hair? Now you can do your rebonding tasks at home. We have a huge collection of quality rebonding kits available. So you can explore and make your hair sleek and straight right in front of your drawing table.

Value Pack

Need to buy several items at a time? We offer value packs containing your essential daily hair care products. Find amazing combos of hair care products from us at an attractive price. Bet you will love those combos!

Get Hair Styling Products in Bangladesh

Love hair-dos? Want to bring your desired hairstyle? Then look no further. Find hair styling from foreign brands in our collection.

Hair Color

Tired of grey hairs? Want to change your hair color and appear more fashionable? At Unikart, we have a huge number of hair color collections for you. Get rid of the wanted tone and appear stunning in a new look.

Hair Spray

For a long-lasting hair-do, you need hair spray. Add instant volume at home by getting a hair spray from our collection of hair sprays. We have many hair sprays from prominent brands. Hold your hair together, and style it—the way you want!

Gels & Waxes

Make your hair well-defined by getting hair gels and waxes from us. Keep your hair in the same style all day long. We have a soft or hard gel collection according to your need. Order hair gel wax from us and get even more manageable hair.

Hair Primer

Need a flawless finish in your hair styling? Protect your hair from heat damage and pollution. Purchase the best quality primer to make your hair super smooth for styling. We have hair primers from several prominent brands, all at a fair price.

Hair Mousse

Sticky hair? Make your hair softer and shinier with a hair Mousse from us. We have a variety of foreign hair mousse collections to choose from. Buy the best hair mousse from Unikart.

Buy Hair Care Tools And Accessories At The Best Price

For the perfect hair setup, you need hair accessories too. With hair tools and accessories from Unikart, you can get your hair more organized and perfect. Your hair will be fully healthy and look gorgeous with our hair styling accessories.

Here’re our available hair care tools and accessories.

Hair Combs

Flawless and easier hair styling needs hair good hair combs. Also, you need to use hair combs for hair growth. And we have different kinds of hair combs for you. Get your best look and make hair styling faster by getting combs from us.

Hair Straightener

Get perfectly straight hair within a couple of minutes. Keep your hair lock frizz-free and tangles-free the entire day. We’ve hair straighteners from many world-renowned brands. Keep your hair safe from the heat by using our high-quality hair straighter.

Hair Dryer

Dry your hair instantly by using a hair dryer. A quick shower is essential whether you’re getting for the office or a dinner party after the office. But hair drying is a problem, though. It’s no problem anymore because we have good quality hair-dryer for you from many famous brands.

Hair Bands

Surely, hair is great, but it’s painful when they get in your way. Using a hair band can hold your hair away from your face. We have a lot of hair bands of different designs and colors. Pick as many as you want to hold your hair in one place.

Order authentic hair care products from Unikart

Your daily hair care routine needs various items. Unikart has everything – from a casual hair care routine to get ready for a party. So no more compromising in your hair care and styling now. Explore our vast collection of hair care products to buy them at the best price.