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Nourish Your Skin with the Best Bath & Body Care Products 

Your skin deserves the best treatment and care to glow and shine. But for that, you require the most trusted and reliable products to use. 

Luckily, Unikart is here with its top collection of bath & body products to help you! 

Starting from sanitizer to soap, shower gels, body moisturizer, body scrubs, and hydrating gel–we have got everything sorted out for you. 

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the list and find the desired product to revive your natural beauty and shine.

Buy Bath & Body Products Online: Browse Through Our Exclusive Collections

While there are hundreds of bath & body products available to make you feel confused, Unikart comes to the rescue. So you don’t have to go elsewhere. Instead, you can find every necessary item at a reasonable rate from a single store. Shopping couldn't get any simpler and more convenient!

Our bath & body products category includes the following:


Clean your hands while on the run with our high-quality and genuine sanitizer products. Kills all the lingering germs to keep you always protected, no matter where you go. Just use a few drops of them, and you will be all good to go.

Thanks to their convenient and portable size, you can carry them anywhere. Apart from protection, each of our products keeps your hands softer. So, you don’t have to worry about getting dry or flaky hands. 

We have varied size ranges of hand sanitizers available for you. So, depending on your requirement, you can place the order.


Always smell good and feel refreshed with our premium quality soaps. Each of the products comes with the exact nourishment ingredients needed to clean away all the dirt while nurturing the body from within. 

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin–we have every kind of soap product to help you. Dove, Pears, Meril, Camay, NIVEA, Acne Star, or Ribana–explore and find your desired soap from our listing.

Shower gels & body wash

Make your skin super clean and refreshed without stripping off the skin of its protective barrier with our top-rated shower gels and body wash. We have a wide range of collections like best shower gel for women and men. 

A true treat for lather lovers who like cleaning their skin in a more hygienic manner. 

Plus, a little goes a long way in protecting your skin for hours after washing against germs and viruses!


Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun using our sunscreen for face. They are one of the mandatory skincare routine steps. 
From reducing the signs of aging to limiting the sunspots appearance and protecting the skin from sunburn–sunscreen is a must.
Pick the ideal one for your skin to add to the cart from the collection list.   

Body butter

Get a healthy-looking and incredibly smoother skin with our best body butter. It nourishes the skin from within to keep the skin hydrated for long hours, delivering the exact moisture and nutrients needed to bring back the glow and smoothness. 

From moisturizing the skin to lessening wrinkles, stretch marks and soothing rashes, these body butter products have a lot to offer. They are a perfect deal for those who have a dry and flaky skin.

Hydrating gel 

Give your skin a total oil-free texture and a younger-looking skin with our hydrating gel. Each of our products hydrates and nourishes the skin from within to give the glow you long wish for. 

Body scrubs

Bid farewell to clogging pores and ingrown hairs with our high-quality body scrubs. Plus, they make the skin smoother and even with letting the skin to absorb moisture better by removing all the lingering dead skin cells. 

Body moisturizer 

Keep your skin healthy and glowing with our best branded body moisturizer. Repairs the dryness and rough patches of your skin by nourishing and treating by the best body lotion for dry skin. 

Each variant comes with a sweet-scented aroma to make you feel and smell good upon application. Besides, they even conceal other skin blemishes while taking care of the calluses.

Suitable for all kinds of skin types! 

Body & massage oils

Hydrate your skin and calm the senses with our high-end body and massage oils. They penetrate your skin from within to improve the elasticity while working on getting rid of patchy and flaky skin. Plus, they are well-known for improving sleep and reducing the muscle pain. 

Lotions & creams

Have extra dry or rough spots on your skin? Try our lotions & creams to smooth the calluses while rehydrating the dry skin. Besides, they work like magic in helping the body to relax. 

Always feel and smell good with the right lotions & creams on hand. 

We have plenty of options to offer for different skiing types. Check out the list to place an order and get a healthy and nurturing skin.

Anti-stretch mark creams

Worried about how to get rid of those stretch marks on your skin? Unikart comes with the right collection of anti-stretch mark creams to take care of those stretch marks. 

From smoothing the texture to brightening and toning the skin, each of the products makes all our wishes come true. And for the best part, with the right one, your skin will feel healthier and younger.

Talcum powder

Prevent rashes and the formation of any fungal infections with our talcum powder. Comes with a nice aroma to make you smell good. They are pretty useful in absorbing moisture and cutting down on friction. No risk of sweating or bad odor with this talcum powder.

Bath & body accessories

Enjoy a radiant and refreshed skin with our bath & body accessories. Made using the highest quality materials, each of our products gets rid of all the dirt and dust pollution to give you a clean and glowing skin. 

We have a huge variety of products to pick from. So, based on your demand, get the product you require to shine and feel fresh.

Why Choose Unikart?

Taking care of your skin is one of the crucial things one must handle with total delicacy. The struggle is real!

Unikart comes with the finest collection of brand products from all around the world. So you can buy your desired item without scrolling much. Besides, we always have ongoing discounts, great deals on various products, B1G1 combo offers, easy refunds, and replacement to make your shopping experience a happening one.

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