Nails Makeup

Nirvana Color Nail Enamel 8 ML
180 ৳ 144 ৳
App price: ৳137

Nirvana Color Nail Enamel 8 ML

Nirvana Color Glitter Nail Enamel 8ML
180 ৳ 144 ৳
App price: ৳137

Nirvana Color Glitter Nail Enamel 8ML

Nirvana Color Top Coat 8 ML Glossy Effect
180 ৳ 144 ৳
App price: ৳137

Nirvana Color Top Coat 8 ML Glossy Effect

Nirvana Color Top Coat 8 ML Matte Effect
180 ৳ 144 ৳
App price: ৳137

Nirvana Color Top Coat 8 ML Matte Effect

Buy the Best Nail Makeup Cosmetics in Bangladesh

Like your face or hair, nails require proper care or even more. So, where to find the best nail makeup cosmetics in Bangladesh to get a professional nail treatment right at home?

Unikart offers instant beauty fixes and high-quality nail makeup cosmetics for you. From nail polish to nail art kits, removers, manicures, and pedicures – you will find everything here.

Just browse the collection list, add to your cart and get your product delivered anywhere in Bangladesh.

Buy Nail Makeup Cosmetics Online from Unikart

Keep your nails healthy and look younger and more beautiful with our nail makeup cosmetics. We have a huge range of products to meet your every need.

So you can get a professional look and nail care right at your home. Each of our products comes with an affordable rate that will conveniently get under your budget.

And if that wasn't enough for you, there is more!

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Nail Polish

100% Vegan, Formaldehyde free, cruelty-free, paraben free–bring out the best version of your nails with our top-rated and vibrant nail polish. Comes with soft bristles for a smooth and better application to give you the desired result. So you always feel beautiful and attractive.

Besides, good nails can be the ultimate key booster to uplifting your mood. And in case you have a nail-biting habit, you will be able to bid farewell to this habit forever with our premium quality nail polish.

You can even get a glam look and be the center of attraction with this nail polish. Just need to pick the right products for you. We have a huge range of tempting and most wanted shades available in our store to choose from. Simply browse and find your one from the collection list.

Lastly, the biggest benefit you will get using our products is they will last for much longer, giving you the same glow and confidence you require to give your best performance.

Nail Art Kits

Want to bring your nail salon home? Our nail art kits are one of the best ways to express yourself.

The best part of using this nail art kit is they allow you to do nail extension anywhere you go. You can instantly change your outlook as it gets dried up in less than a minute and requires no nail dryer.

Unlike expensive nail salon services, they are harmless. They are even a perfect item to gift someone who loves turning their nails into art on any occasion.

What are you looking for? Give it a try now!

Nail Polish Sets

Non-toxic, ultra-classy, Quick dry formula and removable–get this multiple and rich color nail polish set to be the glam of any place.

Whether passing leisure time to attending parties or weddings, this professional nail polish set helps you blend in easily with any outfit, season, and event, complementing your skin tone and wear.

Plus, you can have different nail colors every day with this set.

They are super easy to use and don't need any nail dryer to dry. Just pick the color to wear now and brush it twice. The entire process may take about 8-10 minutes to give you a shiny and long-lasting glossy finish on the way.

Each product is safely formulated without compromising the smooth coverage, glow, and longevity. So you can deck up and match your elegant style in the most graceful way possible.

Nail Care

Want to make your hands and feet look younger? Use our nail care products to boost your nail health and promote a healthy blood circulation. They are useful in preventing the growth and spread of any infections. So, taking proper care of our nails is a much-needed work.

Buy it now, treat yourself at home with our top-notch product, and obtain a salon-quality result.

Nail Remover

Keep your nail and skin dry and healthy with our ultra-powerful, moisture-rich nail remover. Comes with a quick-acting formula that effectively removes even the toughest polish, ultimately leaving your nails ready for the next manicure.

It is also easy to apply. Take a cotton pad, apply the liquid and wipe the nail with cotton, allowing the nail to absorb the liquid for about 30 seconds. After then, simply wipe each nail until the nail polish gets completely removed.

Thanks to this remover, we don’t have to worry about removing the coatings with zero pain. Plus, each of our products comes with a nice aroma to elevate the experience of at-home removal.

Manicure & Pedicure Kits

Get professional nail treatment at home using our manicure and pedicure kits. 

From deep cleansing to moisturizing, massaging, and polishing–the ultimate result that manicures and pedicures offer in a word is just amazing. Besides, these kits help us to feel beautiful and rejuvenate our skin by improving blood circulation and tightening our skin. 

Our manicure and pedicure kits are made using high-quality materials to meet all your hand, facial, and foot care demands with total elegance.

Also, it comes with aesthetic packaging and design, making it a perfect item to gift someone who loves taking care of themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is nail care in your daily life?

Taking care of your nails is extremely important for everyone. Otherwise, there may be fungi and infections in your nails. Besides, clean and well-maintained nails complement our looks, bringing out the best personality.

How many coats of nail polish should you apply?

Applying nail polish properly requires several steps to follow. Generally, it involves 1 coating of the base, 2 coats of color application to ensure full coverage, and 1 coat of top coating to ensure long-lasting wear and shine.

What is the difference between normal polish and gel polish?

The main difference between normal and gel nail polish is the normal one starts chipping off after a couple of days, based on the care and maintenance. In contrast, the gel nail polish can stay as long as 2 weeks without chipping off.

Again, normal nail polish products get dried up naturally. On the other hand, the gel polish needs to be cured under the UV or LED lamp light.

What is the price of nail care products in Bangladesh?

The price of nail polish in Bangladesh ranges from a few hundred to thousands. Here at Unikart, our high-quality nail polish price ranges from TK 390 to TK 690. You can get nail polish removers at as low as TK 40. There are also combo packs available.