Makeup Products

1,880 ৳
App price: ৳1786

Flormar Diamonds Baked Eye Shadow

620 ৳
App price: ৳589

Flormar Eyebrow Pencil

520 ৳
App price: ৳494

Flormar Eyeliner Pencil Waterproof

640 ৳
App price: ৳608

Flormar Eyeliner Pen Black

1,060 ৳
App price: ৳1007

Flormar Graphic Eyeliner Black

420 ৳ 378 ৳
App price: ৳359

Flormar Just Magic Kajal Liner

400 ৳
App price: ৳380

Flormar Precision Art liner Black

1,060 ৳
App price: ৳1007

Flormar Roll N Go Liner Black

1,180 ৳
App price: ৳1121

Flormar Midnight Matte Eyeliner

1,080 ৳
App price: ৳1026

Flormar Smokey Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner

1,480 ৳
App price: ৳1406

Flormar Baked Blush-On

580 ৳
App price: ৳551

Flormar 3 in 1 Spider Lash Mascara

1,940 ৳
App price: ৳1843

Flormar Loose Blush-On

1,720 ৳
App price: ৳1634

Flormar CC Cream SPF20

Buy Makeup Products in Bangladesh at Best Price

Want to flaunt yourself and boost your confidence? Whether you go out for a party, celebrate a special occasion like Eid, Puja, or Christmas, or get ready for your big day, you desire perfect makeup to look more beautiful.

But to boost that confidence, you need the right and authentic products to count on. Unikart is giving you the best makeup products from authentic brands at the best price. No matter the occasion, if you need a light touch-up or heavy makeup, you have it all here.

Your One-Stop Store for Best Quality Makeup Products in Bangladesh

The look you want to create might look excellent with quality products. Unikart got a selection of makeup & skincare products developed by the best globally recognized cosmetic brands! It includes face & eye makeup, also, lip & nail products.

Buy the Best Face & Eye Makeup Items

You care for your skin, and so do we. You can get face makeup products like foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, compact, etc., from us. Our eye makeup includes eye shadow palettes, mascara, eyelashes, and various eye makeup products.

Again, you don't need to worry about the product quality as we give you authentic items you can rely on!

Get Lip and Nail Products at the Best Price

Your lips are the reason for your pretty smile, so it's important to nourish it, right? We cover everything from regular lip balm to your desired branded lipsticks!

No exceptions to the nail paints as well. We have a wide array of nail products, such as nail polish, nail art sets, nail polish remover, etc., that can serve the purpose. Explore them and choose yours to look more confident and gorgeous.

Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

Sun is not really makeup friendly, so your makeup might melt in the scorching heat. Therefore, to protect your skin from sunburn with your makeup on, consider yourself using SPF-contained makeup products.

You might require traditional sunscreen in the first place and need to know how to apply these to your face step by step. And we've got you covered with branded suncream items.

Even Your Skin Tone Perfectly

Use our healthy skin radiant priming serum to fix your uneven skin tone and get perfectly toned skin! Your skin will thank you for these kinds of products.

It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, rough patches, uneven skin tone, and spots. It also regulates shine, prevents the foundation from running, and extends the wear of your makeup.

Look Colorful and Spread Your Charm

Want to make yourself look more colorful and charming? We have a big collection of colorful eye-shadow pallets. Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette is our winner. The flattering duel shades complement every type of skin tone, and the ultra-pigmented formulas go well together.

Beautify Your Smile

You can beautify your smile by taking proper care of your lips. Yes, smile brighter with your favorite lipstick on. Moisturize and soften your lips with the best lip balm products we got. Our ultra matte lipsticks will make you look fabulous and add glamour to your face.

That's not the end! Your favorite fruity and flavored lip tints are also here to satisfy your needs! A swipe of lipstick in your favorite hue instantly boosts your confidence.

So, to all the gorgeous ladies, why not? Pick your preferred lipstick color and kiss your poor self-esteem goodbye right now!

Shine Brighter with a Shimmery Glow

Highlighter, like many other beauty products, comes in various formats, including cream, liquid, stick, powder, and powder/cream hybrid. All forms have advantages, but stick or powder is the easiest to work with if you're starting.

Choosing the proper shade of highlighter, like finding the ideal shade of foundation, depends on your skin tone and undertones, so it's a good idea to test out our different shades in person! Here at Unikart, you'll find everything based on your preference and budget.

Why Would You Choose Unikart?

Unikart has amazing deals to offer you! Whether it's an occasion or not, numerous discounts and offers will go on.

Facts that make our identity specific are:

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  • ·       Simple refund and replacement policy
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  • ·       Additional savings if you install the application.

We have a great collection of products, and you have plenty of options. So don't be late to find great deals! Get yourself some nice branded quality makeup that complements your skin perfectly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I apply sunscreen when wearing makeup?

When you use sunscreen, apply it to a freshly washed and moisturized face and wait for it to set before makeup. Nowadays, many bases contain sunscreen, making application an all-in-one operation. You can always reapply it softly on your face to avoid smudging your makeup. However, you must be extra cautious around the eyes.

What is the finest makeup to use to conceal face flaws like wrinkles?

Less is really more. It's about applying a decent moisturizer base to soften and supple the face. Apply a light gel serum, an excellent initial step to impart a little shine to the cheeks and eyes while reducing caking.

How crucial is a healthy skincare routine to the appearance of your makeup?

Skincare is critically important. To apply makeup, you must first create a clean base. Cleansing Water product is a rapid makeup remover that tones the skin. If the fundamentals are incorrect, the rest will not look their best! Our best advice is to constantly blend: Back away from the mirror with one foot and check your makeup from all angles to ensure it is evenly blended.

How do I choose the best cosmetics products for my skin?

Plenty of write-ups could help, but in Unikart, you will get a feature that allows you to search for skincare items based on your skin type. Here we have many options for you to choose from that are affordable and suitable. You can also call us and get thoughtful suggestions.