Eye Makeup

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Makeup is all about enhancing your beauty. But your makeup will look bland and incomplete if you skip your eyes. Basically, your eye makeup gives an artistic look to your face makeup. And you don't need to be an expert to learn the basics. But yes, if you don’t get it from trusted sites, you may fail to get a good product.

Want to find suitable eye makeup items?

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Enhance the Beauty of Your Eyes With Kajol

Kajal or kohl has been women's ultimate favorite makeup item for ages. Women who never even liked makeup products have a fascination for kajols. Any random kohl is not good for your eyes and gets smudged easily, making your eyes look like a raccoon. But Kajol from Unikart ensures to stay all day long on your eyes without getting smudged.

Define the Line of Your Eyes with Eyeliner

To avoid the hassle of Kajol, you can use eyeliner to enhance your eyes. These come in variation formats and colors, but black eyeliners have always been the most favorite. When Unikart is your first option while getting eye-liners, you get the perfect liners according to your preference and make your eyes the prettiest.

Make Your Lashes Scream with Mascara

It is a common insecurity among women that they aren’t happy with their eyelashes. If you are one of them, you have come to the perfect place. Unikart brings you the best collection of mascara. Whether you are looking for volume, length, or natural lashes, we have every solution to make your lashes speak for you.

Add Some Pop of Color on Your Lids Applying Eye Shadow

Imagine going to a wedding invitation with your everyday makeup. 

It will look really odd, right?

But when you add some shimmer or glitter to that basic everyday makeup, you will see your entire look will change instantly. You will find the best-quality eye shadows in Unikart. You will find the most pigmented eye shadows here, making you look the most special in the crowd. 

Make Your Brows Sharp Enough to Slit with Eyebrow Enhancers

Most women love to start their day with their natural brows, where nothing is wrong. But when you have makeup on, other products sit on your brows, making them look hazy. It affects your entire look badly. Unikart has the perfect brow enhancers for any kind of brows you have. You can now make them sharp enough to cut; they will still stay like this for hours.

Turn up the Intensity of Colors with Eye Primer

You might have noticed while wearing makeup that your eye shadow isn’t giving the most pigmentation as others have. Well, sometimes your eyeshadows might not be much pigmented.

But most of the time, it doesn't have a good base, which prevents it from giving the most color payoff. Unikart has the best eyeshadow primers that bring out the best from your shadows and make your eyes pop the most.

Get the Dramatic Visual with False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes have the power to change your makeup look in seconds. Some of you have very small lashes, and mascara can’t save the look. Then you get the fake lashes and watch the dramatic change. Fake eyelashes from Unikart can help you have both a natural and dramatic look. 

Be Gentle on Your Eyes – Use Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeups are comparatively more stubborn than face makeup. So you must have a strong yet gentle makeup remover to remove these well.

Makeup removers can be water-based, oil-based, or balms. No matter which one you get, Unikart guarantees to clean your skin properly without leaving it rough or dry.

Hide the Signs of Tiredness Using Under Eye Concealer

Your dark under eyes make your makeup ashy, and you look more aged. So, it is necessary to use a good under-eye concealer. When the under eyes are bright, it looks healthy, and the makeup looks just perfect.

The under-eye concealers in Unikart cover the tiredness and darkness from your undereye and give you a healthy, bright look.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your favorite eye makeup products from Unikart right away,

Frequently Asked Questions

Can eye makeup be used daily?

Applying makeup every day is not a healthy practice at all. Yes, makeup is supposed to make you look approachable. But excessive makeup can age your skin faster and clog the pores. However, if you need to wear eye makeup, ensure you prepare your skin and clean it properly.

How do you do the perfect eye makeup?

  • Use some good brushes to create an amazing look.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer and set it with loose powder.
  • Then, use a transition color and dark shades on your crease, light tones on your lid, and a nice shimmer on the corner.
  • Apply your eyeliner or kohl to outline your eyes, and drag a sharp wing.
  • Lastly, coat your eyelashes with a nice mascara. You apply your falsies as well.

What are the basic eye makeup essentials every woman should own?

Some basic eye makeup essentials are:

  • Kohl
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyebrow enhancer
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Concealer
  • Fake eyelashes

Which is Better, Eyeliner or Kajal?

Well, both are great in their own ways. You can use kohl on your lash line and waterline, but it can get smudged easily. On the other hand, you can use liner only on your lash line, not your waterline. But you can wear it for the entire day; it won’t budge or smudge.

How can I make my small eyes look big?

If you have small eyes and use black kajal on your waterline, your eyes will look smaller. So, you can use white kajal on your waterline, and your eyes will look open and bigger. The white color matches your eyes and creates an illusion of big eyes.