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Listerine Cool Mint Liquid Mouthwash 250ml
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Listerine Cool Mint Liquid Mouthwash 250ml

Buy the Best Oral Care Products in Bangladesh

Some of us are really concerned with the look and, most importantly, the health of our teeth. 

If they aren't in good shape, we may experience severe pains and rush to a pricey dentist's operation.

So, the best course of action is to take routine care of your teeth and gums. But what are those things you need for your oral care? Unikart comprises what you need.

Check out all the oral care products in Unikart for healthy and hygienic dental care.

6 Essential Oral Care Products You Should Buy

There are some oral care products that you must have in your house.

Let’s find out what those items are:


Buy high-quality toothbrushes from Unikart at the best price.

There are three types of toothbrushes: soft, medium, and hard. Brushes with medium and hard bristles might be damaging to your gums. The important guideline for brushing is to use gentle circular strokes rather than sharp saw motions. You can choose an electric toothbrush as a safer alternative.

Arthritis patients or those who suffer from Dyspraxia may find it more convenient to use electric brushes. No matter what brush you use, be sure that its size and form are appropriate for your mouth to have a simple and enjoyable brushing experience. And in this regard, Unikart has a wide range of toothbrush collections for you.


Now you can buy your toothpaste from Unikart at the best price.

Choose a fluoride-containing toothpaste to help boost tooth enamel and avoid dental problems, choose fluoride-containing toothpaste. Also, many kinds of toothpaste have chemicals that battle bacteria, bad breath, gum inflammation, and tooth sensitivity.

Toothpaste ingredients, such as brightening chemicals, have the potential to damage tooth enamel.

Dental Floss

Looking to buy dental floss for your teeth protection? Unikart is here to offer you a wide range of dental floss collections.

Flossing is essential. You should floss at least once per day for healthy teeth. By removing food particles that a toothbrush leaves behind in teeth, floss lowers plaque levels and the risk of gingivitis and dental damage.

Picks And Sticks

Buy toothpicks and sticks from Unikart. You can remove plaque utilizing interproximal cleaning tools if you have difficulty with dental floss. We have picks, sticks, and little toothbrushes available for cleaning the inside and around teeth.


Hide or prevent foul breath using the Mouthwash from Unikart. Different types of mouthwash targets solve different tooth issues. Many contain fluoride to prevent cavities, while others help reduce plaques and minimize gingivitis.

Besides, using mouthwash may offer further defense against gingivitis and cavities when you have trouble cleaning and flossing. However, discuss which mouthwash is appropriate for you with your dentist.

Tongue Scrapers

Tongue scrapers help minimize bad breath by removing the bacteria that cause foul breath on the tongue. Here at Unikart, we have a wide range of tongue scrapers collection to buy. However, make sure you visit the dentist for dental checkups at least twice a year.

How Can I Place an Order in Unikart?

Purchasing from Unikart is simple and practical. Visit the Unikart website and use the search bar or category search to acquire your desired product.

When you've finished adding products to your shopping cart, select "Checkout." Signup by providing your name, address, and email in the next step. You will get a confirmation once your order has been placed.

Final Words

Oral care items are really important, so be careful when choosing your oral care products. Especially, when you require a dentist’s consultation.

So what are you waiting for? Order the best oral care products in Bangladesh from Unikart, right away.

If you have oral issues that need extra care, talk to your dentist, and follow their recommendations while buying any oral care items.