Makeup Tools & Brushes

Focallure 10 Pcs Premium Makeup Brush Set with Leather Bag
1,675 ৳ 1,499 ৳
App price: ৳1424

Focallure 10 Pcs Premium Makeup Brush Set with Leather Bag

Focallure MATCHMAX Latex Free Sponge #05 One Cut Olive
300 ৳ 160 ৳
App price: ৳152

Focallure MATCHMAX Latex Free Sponge #05 One Cut Olive

Maange Premium 13Pcs Brush Set - Pink Bag
1,550 ৳ 850 ৳
App price: ৳808

Maange Premium 13Pcs Brush Set - Pink Bag

Maange Brush Cleaner Pad – Pink
350 ৳ 200 ৳
App price: ৳190

Maange Brush Cleaner Pad – Pink

Buy Makeup Brushes & Tools Online in Bangladesh

If you are a makeup lover, you will know how important it is to have the perfect makeup brush for a perfect look. But a brush for one purpose can't complete another task; even every brush isn’t good for the skin. So, finding the best ones from a trusted site is important.

Wondering which brush is best for you?

Where would you even find the best quality makeup brushes and tools?

Here, Unikart has different kinds of brushes to give a seamless finish to your makeup and create an amazing look. The best part is you will get these best quality makeup brushes at a really affordable price.

Face Brush: Get a Flawless Makeup Base

Your perfect base will require a foundation, concealer, powders, etc. Nearly everyone starts off their makeup using their fingers. But it is definitely not possible to get the perfect base if you apply them with your hands. So, you must use individual face brushes for each of these.

Unikart brings you the best quality face brushes. The foundation and concealer brushes are so soft and dense that it covers every part of your face. And the powder brushes you find here are absolutely lightweight, so you get an airy touch from these.

Have the Perfect Pop of Colors on Your Cheek: Blush Brush

When you feel shy, your cheeks turn pink, which looks absolutely amazing on your face. But it isn’t possible to blush around all the time; it isn't normal. But you can get blush-like pink cheeks by applying a perfect pink or coral blush.

A nice blush brush will make the pop of color look nicely blended. It won't pick a lot and make you look like a joker. Instead, a hint of pigment will give you a natural flush. And you know where to find it – Unikart.

Eye Brush: Perfect Eye Look with Minimum Fallout

Your eye makeup is enough to elevate the entire look. You may have everything on – your foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, and lipstick. Yet it may not look special until you apply your eye makeup.

Applying good eye makeup is nearly impossible without perfect eye makeup brushes. You can’t darken your crease with a flat brush or apply the shimmer with a blender brush. So it's a must to get the perfect eye makeup brushes, and your best choice is Unikart. It has the best collection at the best prices.

Lip Brush: Define Your Lip Shape with Even Pigment

A lip liner is the best thing to outline your lip shape and add a plumping effect to it. But what if you don’t have a matching lip liner with your lipstick?

No worries; you can use a fine lip brush to create that effect and smudge it in. You can also apply lipsticks from a palette.

A lip brush helps you to apply any kind of lipstick evenly and precisely. Lip brushes from Unikart have such fine bristles that it is tough to make errors while outlining your lips.

Brush Sets: Find All Brushes in One Set

Every part of your makeup look requires a different kind of brush to get the perfect seamless finish. Let's be honest; you can't expect one brush to do all the tasks alone. 

Here at Unikart, you get the best collection of brushes, including all face brushes and eye makeup brushes. You can even find individual sets of face brushes and sets of eye brushes. As a result, you can get which one you feel you need the most.

Eyelash Curlers: Get Bigger, Brighter, and Voluminous Lashes

Natural eyelashes usually tend to stay straight and lean down. As a result, your eyes can look smaller and tired. But curling your eyelashes can lift up the lashes and make your eyes look instantly big.

Unikart has the best kind of eyelash curlers. You know it is very common to hurt your eyes with lash curlers. But these ones don't do the same. In fact, you can easily curl up your lashes without pulling your lashes much, and you will notice the dramatic change instantly.

Sponges Applicators: Blend Your Foundation Seamlessly

Face brushes aren’t always the best friend to your base makeup, especially when they are old or dirty. In spite of blending, these brushes can pull strokes on your face, which looks absolutely awful. In the worst case, the contour brush can be generous and share some pigment with your foundation and concealer brushes; you know the rest!

Here, you can trust sponge applicators because even if you need to use them damp. So you have no other way than washing them. Besides, sponges can blend products better than brushes, which gives you a natural look.

Unikart has some great quality sponges that don't soak up a lot of product yet blend seamlessly.

Tweezers: Shape Your Brows Right at Your Home

You may not feel confident about your heavy eyebrows, which is okay. But that can affect your activities a lot. It isn’t possible to visit the parlor every time, but you can visit your mirror with tweezers.

You can now shape your own brows with a fine tweezer and give them a sharp, sleek look. Here at Unikart, you will find the best quality tweezers that will serve you the longest and won't also cost you a lot.

Sharpeners: Draw a Sharp Wing with Your Pencil Eyeliner

The wing of your eyeliner needs some precision, which is a bit tough if you have shaky hands. In that case, you can apply your liner using eyeliner or kohl pencil. But unfortunately, these liners' edges get blunt easily.

In that case, sharpeners are a great rescue. You can sharpen them and reuse the sharpest wings. You can also use them for lip liners. The amazing sharpeners from Unikart do the best job at it. These don't break your pencil while sharpening and give a perfectly sharp edge every time.

Mirrors: Do Your Makeup with Precision

Small hand mirrors are best to use for fine makeup. Your eyes, base, and mascara will be perfect if you do your makeup using them.

Big mirrors do just fine, but you may need to stand the whole time. Also, the little parts and exact precision won't be much visible then. But a hand mirror can do magic at it. You get the prettiest design and best quality mirrors in Unikart that create the best reflection and make your liner right on point.

Makeup Pouches: Carry Your Love Anywhere, Anytime

Let's be honest; your wish to carry your entire dressing table while traveling is inevitable. But it is definitely not possible to carry it anywhere. At that time, makeup pouches are just the best. You can carry the most important items to get ready anywhere at any time.

Unikart offers the best collection of makeup pouches. These have the best-built quality and amazing outlook. Also, these are so spacious that you can easily carry your makeup, makeup brushes, and other tools altogether in them.

So, why delay anymore? Order your favorite makeup brushes and tools from Unikart at the best price right now.