Mom & Baby Care

Authentic Mom and Baby Care Products in Bangladesh at Best Price

For your little ones, all you want is safe baby care products. With safe products, you want the items to take care of their delicate skin and hair.

Finding safe and effective baby products is easier now as Unikart has bought a big collection of authentic baby care products from popular brands.

Whether you need toothpaste to protect the growing teeth, moisturizer to preserve the natural smoothness of the skin or child-safe wet wipes for keeping them clean—find it on Unikart at a competitive price to keep your little star well-groomed and healthy.

Buy Baby Oral Care Products for the Best Oral Health

Most of the time, oral care becomes the second priority or sometimes even optional! Make it one of the first priorities in baby care to have long-lasting teeth. With Unikart, you can ensure the good oral health of your kids and avoid visits to dentists.

Check out our oral care products.

Soft & Joyful Baby Toothbrush Collection for Your Kids

The first thing you do after your toddler wakes up—brushing the teeth. They need a soft bristle brush to protect the gum and clean the teeth properly. Also, it would be best if you had cartoon figure toothbrushes to convince them to brush. Get baby toothbrushes in Unikart to protect gums and wash teeth daily.

Safe Baby Toothpaste that Cares for Your Kids' Teeth

Build up the habit of brushing their teeth every day. Buy flavored toothpaste for your kids so they love it when they brush. You will find flavored and safe-to-swallow toothpaste from Unikart.

Baby Mouthwash for Baby Mouthcare

Teach your kids the ideal oral care routine by using baby mouthwash. And we have the right collection for you. Clear germs from eating chocolate, chips, chewing gums, etc., by ordering a baby mouthwash from us.

Buy Baby Skin Care Products for Daily Use

We need to protect their skin besides maintaining oral health. A newborn's skin is even more delicate. As they need skincare from the first month, you must buy good-quality skin care products.

Creams and Moisturizes

To prevent the dryness of cold weather, creams and moisturizers are a must for your baby. Also, they can have sensitive skin that requires frequent care. Find baby creams and moisturizers in Unikart to nourish your baby's skin in any season.


You need to add lotions to your baby's skincare routine because it helps hold their skin's natural smoothness. Give an extra layer of protection for dry skin by purchasing lotions from us.


Body oils make a baby's skin smoother. Also, body oil massage offers a good night's sleep. Need oil for their soft hair? We have both kinds of oils for your newborn.


Your baby can't tell you where it's itching, but it will surely cry. Prevent itching by using powder. You can also stop or treat diaper rashes. Find baby powders from widely used brands in Unikart.


Toddlers always play and gather dust and dirt in their hair. Baby or a toddler—give your kid a thorough shower using baby shampoos. Cut out the shower time, too, using baby shampoos. Order eye-safe baby shampoos from us.

Soap and Body Wash

The first item in your baby's shower time is soap or body wash. Create bubbles for them, and make the shower time fun using soap/ body wash. Keep their skin nice and clean by getting soap and body wash from us.


Babies need sunscreen more than any of us. Going out shopping with your baby in the daytime? Be sure to apply sunscreen to protect their soft skin. Unikart has a big collection of sunscreens that will shield your baby's skin from direct sun.


Use baby wipes to clean any mess your baby creates properly. These are good solutions to finish the work after removing a dirty diaper. Long-term diaper uses to alter the natural pH and cause rashes. Maintain the best hygiene for your baby effortlessly by ordering baby wipes from us.

Lovely Baby Gift Set in Bangladesh

Whether you need to buy a gift for your friend's baby or your baby, Unikart has baby gift sets containing different baby care products. What to buy, what not buy—the gift packages will handle it all.

Buy Baby Accessories & Laundry for Complete Care

Make the pile of cloth washing easier with our baby laundry products. Buy accessories to dry out their clothes. Ensure your kids wear clean and dry clothes throughout the day by ordering baby accessories and laundry.

Order The Best Baby Care Product in Bangladesh

The entire baby care routine needs several items. You want to use the safest items to protect your baby's sensitive skin. At Unikart, you will get all kinds of authentic baby care items at an affordable price. Please take a look at our available items, and order the item you need.